The Overly Complex Monkey is a monkey that is overly complex. It throws snowball glaive darts that deal 3 (+1 per 70 rounds) damage, slows the bloon by 50% (+1% for every 30 road spikes on the track) (-5% for every mechanical tower in the radius of this tower), and ricochets to the nearest bloon that has the letter "A" or "Q" in it's name (One extra ricochet per 70,000 total pops on your towers). It has the range of a tack shooter (temporarily increases by 4px for every MOAB Class bloon that enters the track) and costs 135 + X on medium (X being the round number * digits of lives you have - $500 for each Blade Maelstrom on screen). Attacks at the speed of a tack shooter.

"The Overly Complex Monkey will confuse both you, and the Bloons!"

Path 1

Demonic Terror: Snowball glaive darts now apply a stack of Demonic Terror every time it hits a bloon. This will slow the bloon by 4% per stack, as well as cloning it. Cloned bloons share stacks of Demonic Terror with all other versions of itself. When a bloon reaches 6 stacks of Demonic Terror, the stacks detonate. The original bloon takes 600 damage (+8 damage per 700 pops this tower has), while bloons within the hitbox will take half the damage. The cloned bloons transform into Evil Road Spikes (Lasts 5 (-1 per Cluster Bomb tower on screen) pops, deals 7x damage to ceramic bloons). Cost: $100,000 - 150N (N being the number of bananas you've collected total this game) 

"No idea what this ability does, but I'll roll with it!" - Overly Complex Monkey

Hell Armour: Overly Complex Monkey equips Hell Armour, granting it 3 (+1 per nearby tower with red or blue) AD and 3 (+1 per 4 AD this tower has) PD. The PD fully regenerates at the end of every round, or regenerates by 1 every time it detonates Demonic Terror stacks. This upgrade also increases the number of pops that Evil Road Spikes have by 2 per AD this tower has. Additionally, all bloons in the tower's radius gain a stack of Demonic Terror every second. Cost: $4,000 + 3 Non-mechanical towers

"This armour inspires me to perform human sacrifice! Or monkeys, those work as well." - Overly Complex Monkey

Infernal Power: A memory game appears at the bottom right of the screen, above the fast-forward button. There are 4 buttons on the memory game. There are 5 rounds in each instance of the memory game. The buttons with blink in a pattern that the player has to click on, adding one button to the game every round. If all rounds are completed successfully, all 3-X or 4-X Overly Complex Monkeys will gain Infernal Power for 10 seconds. This adds 2 extra snowball glaive darts to each attack, increases the AD of Hell Armour by 150%, and detonating stacks of Demonic Terror deals 1.2X more damage. After 10 seconds, the memory game is available to be played again. Every additional time the memory game is played in a round, the bonus of Infernal Power increase by 10%. Snowball glaive darts also now deal 5 damage + the stock price of Sears Holding in USD. If Sears Holding goes bankrupt, the damage is set to 6. Cost: $50,000 (-1 per Awesome Point on your Ninja Kiwi profile)

"Sears better not file for bankruptcy!" - Overly Complex Monkey

Mega Range: Overly Complex Monkey puts on glasses and gains 3x range. Cost: $27,500

"What" - Overly Complex Monkey

Path 2

Angelic Light: Every 8 (-1 per Overly Complex Monkey on screen up to a maximum of 4) attacks, Overly Complex Monkey afflicts a bloon with Angelic Light. Bloons affected with Angelic Light are 5% faster, but take 1 (+2 per tower with an even number of letters in its name) * (1.5 per 3-1 tower in range damage every 0.1 seconds until the bloon fully pops. Additionally, bloons that come in contact with it take 300 (-1 per life) damage and are slowed by 8% for 7 seconds (+ 3 seconds and 8% for every additional bloons with Angelic Light it contacts). If 2 bloons with Angelic Light come in contact with each other, they both lose Angelic Light, take (amount of money owned / 10 up to a maximum of round number * 25) damage, and are stunned for 7 (-0.3 per tower within 100px when contact occurs) seconds. Cost: Current amount of money - 500, minimum of (lives * 8) dollars

"This is no better than the path 1 upgrade." - Overly Complex Monkey

Redemption: Every 17 (-1 per bloon with Angelic Light on screen up to a maximum of 8) attacks, Overly Complex Monkey afflicts 1 (+1 per Mortar Battery on screen) bloon in its range with Redemption. Bloons afflicted with Redemption will move towards the beginning of the track at the speed of a Pink Bloon (speed increased by 1.15x per bloon with an acronym for a name on screen). Then, it slams down, knocking all bloons within a 50 (+1 per digit of money)px radius into the air for 1.1 (+0.05 per metallic bloon or tower within the bloon's radius) seconds. Airborne Bloons cannot move and take 2x damage. If a Bloon with Angelic Light recieves Redemption, the knocked up bloons also recieve Angelic Light for 2 seconds. Cost: $9,000 and a monkey village with 2 upgrades on any path

"How is redemption related to villages? News to me." - Overly Complex Monkey

Furious Justice: A basic linear equation appears above Overly Complex Monkey with a 10 (-0.02 per age of the player) second time limit. If the question is answer correctly, Overly Complex Monkey gains Furious Justice for 5 seconds. Overly Complex Monkey takes half damage, attacks 1.5 (+0.1 per Banana Farm tower on screen) times faster, and deals extra damage per attack equal to 50 (+25 per Ninja Kiwi coins spent on your account). A new question appears every 15 seconds. Additionally, all effects of Angelic Light and Redemption are doubled during Furious Justice. Cost: $75,000 + 100 monkey money.

"Buy Ninja Kiwi coins!" - Overly Complex Monkey

Big Bloon Beat-Up: Ability: Overly Complex Monkey gains a black belt, dealing 5000 damage to the nearest bloon on screen. Cooldown: 60 seconds. Cost: $70,000

"Are you kidding me" - Overly Complex Monkey


why did I make this

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