The Otaku Shelter is a building that gains powers and stat upgrades as it gets upgraded. x/4's special ability is powerful. First 2 projectiles are shurikens and intense magic bolts. It has a small black Bomb Tower on the roof.

Medium Cost: $1,600

Intial Stats:

HP Group: Buildings

Fire Rate: 16 (shurikens), 33 (magic bolts)

Range: 0/2 Monkey Village


Path 1

Larger Home

"Cottage is expanded. The Otaku Shelter now has weak Monkey Village powers and a arrow projectile. This tower now reduces 5% tower cost, and increases attack speed by 5%. The arrow that it shoots now hits through 3 layers of one bloon."

Fire Rate: 44 (arrows)

Medium Cost: $1,200

Two-Story Spectacular

"The shelter has 2 floors! With Monkey Village powers both upgraded to 10%, and now pink arrows instead of normal ones fly out of the cannon, it adds fireballs too. The pink arrows pierces through 4 bloons, while popping 7 layers. The best bang for your buck, but it's kind of expensive."

Fire Rate: 63 (fireballs)

Medium Cost: $3,750

The Mansion of Manga

"This shelter is now a mansion of manga! With two new projectiles, cleansing foam, and small meteors that explodes and removes 3 layers of bloon, the mansion also has a increase range, and even camo detection."

Fire Rate: 63 (foam), 94 (meteor)

HP Group: Giant Buildings

Range: 0/0 Super Monkey

Medium Cost: $6,000

Otaku Headquarters

"Taste the power of Japan! Becoming a giant building, the building has small drills that pierces the heavens through 63 bloons, and can also fire black voids."

Fire Rate: 144 (drills), 78 (black holes)

Medium Cost: $20,000

Path 2

Dova House

"The most famous dragon call is now in this tower's hands. Bloons that enter the Fus Ro Dah will get pushed. The smaller, the farther."

Fire Rate: 82 (force)

Medium Cost: $1,000

Dimensional Shifting

"Who stole Dr. Quadwrangle's glove? By the way, it slows down any bloon in it's range, by sending out a yellow burst. You can call it the Slow-Motion Dimension. This is extremely good for freeplay, yellow, pinks, and purples."

Fire Rate: 130 (burst)

Medium Cost: $2,000

Sword Shift

"Uses a Iron Sword and a Claymore at the same time! Will also use hydra rocket pods."

Fire Rate: 10 (hydra rockets), 256 (sword shift)

Medium Cost: $3,500

Call of the Douga

"Special Ability: The shelter's secret army. Will send a Disciple of Fire, a 4-2 Danmaku Monkey, a 2-2 Time Leaper, a 2-2 Black Void Shooter, a 4-2 Monkey Archer, a Saber Monkey, and 2 4-2 Ninja Monkeys anywhere near the path where bloons go, and they won't go near water. All towers cannot be sold or/and upgraded, and lasts for 1 minute. If there isn't enough space, then it will only spawn part of the army, and if all land or pontoons are used up, this ability won't work."

Cooldown is a whopping 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

Medium Cost: $40,000


  • Jingles are: (lasts for around 10 seconds) (for x/4)
    • Nico Nico Douga Jingle
    • U.N. Owen was Her?
    • Taiyou Iwaku Moeyo Chaos (Haiyore! Nyaruko-San OP)
    • PoPiPo- Vegetable Juice
    • Kokoro no Tamago (Shugo Chara! OP 1)
    • Xepher (will attract the Genesis Bloon :P)
    • RED ZONE
  • Apperance Change:
    • 0/1: Cannon gets a Viking Helmet.
    • 0/2: Cannon gets a glove with 4 buttons, blue, red, yellow, and green.
    • 0/3: Cannon splits into a railgun with 2 kinds of swords. No monkey is shown.
    • 0/4: A pink sattellite will appear on the house.
    • 1/0: A normal house. Cannon is now wihte.
    • 2/0: A two-story house. Cannon is now pink.
    • 3/0: A big mansion. Cannon is now silver.
    • 4/0: A large skyscraper! Cannon is larger and now light blue.
    • 1/1: 1/0 + 0/1
    • 2/1: 2/0 + 0/1
    • 3/1: 3/0 + 0/1
    • 4/1: 4/0 + 0/1
    • 1/2: 1/0 + 0/2
    • 2/2: 2/0 + 0/2
    • 3/2: 3/0 + 0/2
    • 4/2: 4/0 + 0/2
    • 1/2: 1/0 + 0/2
    • 1/3: 1/0 + 0/3
    • 1/4: 1/0 + 0/4
    • 2/1: 2/0 + 0/1
    • 2/3: 2/0 + 0/3
    • 2/4: 2/0 + 0/4
  • Black voids shot by this tower has upgrades 2/1 from the Black Void Shooter.
  • Drills will pop leads and frozens.

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