Orange Bloon

The Orange Bloon.

Orange Bloon W/O C-Field

The Orange bloon is a bloon that appears in BTD6. They spawn 2 Pink bloons when defeated, and have no parents. The Orange Bloon has 20 HP. They are the size and speed of a green bloon.



Orange bloons are immune to darts and Sniper Monkeys, so they can't be hit by them even if influenced by an MIB. It also has a 'Cyber Wall', which prevents it from be immobilized or slowed down, and gives any bloon within 50 pixels from it camo status (excluding MOAB-class bloons) until the Cyber Layer is destroyed. Once it is destroyed, All bloons that became camo by it are reverted back to their original status.The cyber wall only takes 10 hits to pop. An orange bloon with a Cyber Wall looks like the regular orange bloon with a blue force field.


Orange Bloons weaknesses are fire and ice attacks. You don't get any money from destroying the cyber layer. When you pop the cyber layer, it will make a sound as if the sound barrier has been broken.