Operation Heaven One

The monkeys have sent a dreadful Monkey Battleship to support the warfare at Japana! But now, an air fleet of the bloons is chasing it and trying to take it down! Can you defend it and completely obliterate the fleet?

Mission Information

  • You get a Monkey Battleship and 8 Destroyers at the start. You have 0$ start cash.
  • You can also each monkey on a Destroyer to replace the sailor monkey here. (NOTE: This only work in this mission!)
  • Your task is simple: fight 400 Blimp-based Fighters in an Apopalypse manner when keeping the Monkey Battleship alive. There's no track, the fighters will just circle around the screen, trying to take down your battleship.
  • Upon completing this mission, you'll unlock the 19xx mission.


  • This is a reference to the real life Ten-Go Sakusen.
    • The Monkey Battleship represents the Yamato
    • The 8 Destroyers represent the 8 ships that came with it.
    • The 400 Blimp-based Fighters represent the almost 400 fighters that were sent to disrupt the operation.

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