In this mission, a special set of towers are arranged for you at the start, and you cannot place any more besides them. These are: Dart Monkey, Sword Monkey, Monkey Archer, Monkey Engineer, Monkey Apprentice, Black Void Shooter and Dartling Gunner. However, you can upgrade the team to 4-4,but you have to pick one member to upgrade, as it's ONE the Bloon forces fear, not seven. If you have a 4-4 tower by round 75, you win. Beat Medium Difficulty on the Garden Maze track. Good luck!

Custom Rounds

Some rounds of this mission are different. 24: One Commando, Three Camo Rainbow

42: Ten Ceramic Regen

50: One B.F.B.

65: Two B.F.B., One I.G.B.M.

70: 200 Ceramic Regen, heavily grouped


  • This conception was made by Wackycreeper15
  • The background music of this mission is an extended cut of One They Fear, by Jeremy Soule, and Let the Stars Fall Down, by Yuki Kajiura.
  • The mission's BGM alternates between the two songs.

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