The Octopus is a special agent that costs 100 MM, can only be placed in water, and shoots ink at bloons. The ink is so sticky, that it makes projectiles stick to bloons! Projectiles that stick to bloons pop them overtime, like Corrosive Glue or Napalm. Only 1 projectile can stick to bloons, and only 5 projectiles can stick to 1 bloon at a time. Ink stays as long as 0/1 Glue, and when it comes off, all the projectiles fall off. Does not effect MOAB-class bloons, bosses, or Super Bloons. Here is the list of projectiles that can stick:

Darts: 1 layer per second

Tacks: 1 layer per second

Acorns (Angry Squirrel): 1 layer per second

Watermelon Seeds (Watermelon Spitter): 1 layer per second

Grapes: 1 layer per second

Nails: 1 layer per second

Shurikens: 1 layer per second

Magic Orbs: 1 layer per second

Boomerangs: 1 layer per second

Spears (Tribal Turtle): 1 layer per second

Ice Shards: 1 layer per second

Arrows: 1 layer per second

Water Buckets: 1 layer per second

Lasers: 2 layers per second

Blades: 2 layers per second

Glaives: 2 layers per second

Coconuts (Tribal Turtle): 2 layers per second

Intense Magic Orbs: 2 layers per second

Watermelons (Watermelon Spitter Pro): 2 layers per second

Spike-o-Pult Balls: 2 layers per second

Octopus Pro

The Octopus Pro has stickier ink, making more projectiles stick to it! It also has bigger blobs, making 10 projectiles be able to stick to 1 bloon at a time, and makes it splatter on up to 6 bloons! The new projectiles are:

Plasma: 3 layers per second

Juggernaut balls: 3 layers per second

Swords: 3 layers per second (no matter what material)

Energy Balls: Depends. If the energy ball is on it's first pop, 1 layer per second. If it's on it's second pop, 2 layers per second. If it's on it's 3rd pop or more, 3 layers per second. If it's a Dwarfstar, 3 layers per second no matter what.

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