Neptune's Mastery Track
Neptune's Mastery Track is a Devastating Master Track. This is a Devastating Master Track because it has the word Mastery on the title.

This is unlocked at Rank 78.


TERRAIN: Aerogel, Outer Space and Gaz

WATER?: No, on the Aerogel

DIFFICULTY: Devastating Master



REWARDS: EASY - 100 AP, $450, & 250 NK Coins ( If NLL (No Lives Lost) ) MEDIUM - 250 AP, $700 & 400 NK Coins ( If NLL ) HARD - 500 AP, $1000 & 750 NK Coins ( If NLL )

Track Paths

Bloons will start on the northwest and then loop around the planet. Fast bloons go to the right path, that mean's your doomed, while slow bloons go to the left and that mean's you get another chance. It ends going to the southwest.

Places to put Towers

On the colorful stripes (Aerogel), on the planet (Gaz) and the Outer Space (until you have the EVA Suit).


  • This could someday become a track for the Space mission thingy.

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