The Music Mode is a new mode that let you pick your own music from your computer and generate a custom round from it. The only purpose of completing a song here is to enjoy to your music and get some XP.

In each song, the denser the section is, more bloons will come out in that section. And in each section, the stronger the beat, then the stronger the bloon will be. Then how can we beat it if a song has a very strong beat at the start and spawn a ZOMG there when we just have a Dart Monkey, you say? Don't worry, there's a cap that's constantly increasing as the song progress. For example: at the start, the cap is at Red Bloon and 1 bloon/s, that means no matter how dense and how strong the beat is, there'll only be a maximum of 1 bloon coming out each second and the strongest bloon is just the Red Bloon.

But there's a "bottom" too! If not, then if the song is light, then later on in the song, you'll fight Blue Bloons and Red Bloons with a bunch of temples?! That's not gonna happen! :)

Aside from the amount and strength of bloons, your towers' fire rate will be increased by the density of the song too. The denser the section, the faster your towers will shoot. The fire rate can vary from 50% to 200% of the original fire rate, and the stronger the beat, the more layers your towers can pop. The layers popped can vary 2 above or 2 below the tower's normal layer popping abilities. The layers popped can not go below 1.

NOTE: Should support lossless formats! (i.e. flac, wav, ape,...)


  • You can buy this mode for 2000 MM after reaching Rank 53


  • This takes a lot of inspiration from Beat Hazard
  • Though the mechanic is already used in many games (mostly rhythm games), most notably Audiosurf.
  • You can use music from Youtube too. Just paste in the URL.
  • K-ON music is awesome. Use it.

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