Design your blimps and semi-blimps however you like, now with the Multi-part Blimps system! With this mechanic, you can now create blimps with multiple "parts" that can be destroyed separately. Each blimp that use this system has a "core part", this core may or may not be initially damagable, depending on the author. If the core part is destroyed, the whole blimp is destroyed

Joint Parts


You can describe your blimp's parts like this:

  • Core Part
    • Part Level 2
      • Part Level 3
      • Part Level 3
    • Part Level 2
      • Part Level 3
      • Part Level 3

... and so on.


Now let me explain this hierarchy: When you destroy a Level 3 part, that part will be destroyed but the other parts of the same level won't be affected. However, if you destroy a Level 2 part, then that part along with all the Level 3 part under it will be destroyed, too. With this, you can creat "Joint Parts", parent parts that contain smaller parts that will be destroyed along with them (For example, a wing can be a Level 2 part, and all the turrets on that particular wing will be Level 3 parts.)

Interactive Parts

But that's just the basic hierarchy! You can develope your blimp even more by explaining how certain parts affect others unusually in details. For example, Part A can only be damaged once Part B is destroyed, Part A will lose health over time if Part B is destroyed, etc.

Multi-Form Blimps

Some blimps (like the V.A.M.P.I.R.E.), will have multiple forms, and the new forms can be triggered in various ways (i.e. in the V.A.M.P.I.R.E.'s case, it's making its HP go to 6000 or above. Some blimps will trigger their next form just by defeating their current form), and one of those ways would be to destroy some specific parts of the blimp but doesn't destroy it yet.

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