Moving Castle

The Moving Castle is another flying tower, much like Monkey Ace. Its station needs a HUGE space to deploy! It has a 0/0 Sword Monkey at each side, which means it has a total of 4 Sword Monkeys.

Price: 2500$ on Medium

Path 1

Castle Cannons

Add 4 0/0 Bomb Towers to the castle's arsenal.

Price: 2600$ on Medium

Royal Knights

Upgrades all the Sword Monkeys to 2/2

Price: 9000$ on Medium

Ballistic Ballista

Adds a ballista to the castle's arsenal. The ballista is like a much stronger version of the Juggernaut which has infinite popping power, can pop 2 layers and deals a whopping 100 damage to MOAB-Class bloons. It also shoots faster than Juggernaut.

Price: 11000$ on Medium

Castle of the Monkey God

Adds a default Temple of the Monkey God sunray to the castle's arsenal.

Price: 57000$ on Medium

Path 2

Royal Archers

Add 4 0/0 Monkey Archers to the castle's arsenal.

Price: 2600$ on Medium

Higher Towers

Greatly increases the range of every soldiers and allows them to detect Camo Bloons.

Price: 4000$ on Medium


Increases the castle's defense (the castle now takes half damage from projectiles) and greatly increases the fire rate of all soldiers

Price: 7200$ on Medium

Order of the King

Special Ability: Sends many temporary 4/2 Saber Monkeys who run across the screen while slashing, and also rain many 3/3 arrows down at the same time. (Note: This ability cools down pretty quickly so it's a bit expensive)

Price: 17000$ on Medium


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