Movie Theater Track

The Movie theater track as seen here.The track was drawn with Microsoft Paint. Terrain: Indoors Difficulty: Beginner Water: Yes. Tower restrictions: Monkey aces and the monkey ace pilot upgrade to buccaners are STRICKLY forbidden.Sorry but it's movie theater policy.Any violation of this rule may result in a ban from this theater.

Movie Theater track is a somewhat beginner track that takes place in a movie theater.The bloons come in from the bottom left(As seen in picture)then leave at the bottom(as also seen in picture)The bloons follow the red path around the screen once then goes through the isles at least once before leaving.Monkeys can be placed in the chairs however.Towers can also be placed in the big opening on the movie screen.However that would appear to be a good spot for a sun god as that can hold lots of towers needed to make the perfect sungod temple.There is water due to customers abandoning their drinks and then spilling all over the place.However the monkey ace pilot upgrade to the Monkey Buccaner is locked due to this track taking place in a theater.This also applys to The actual Monkey ace tower itself.The MOAB class bloon grabber however can be used. 


Q: Can I place towers in the chairs as seen in pic.

A: Yes you can. Small towers like the gun like monkey that can shoot bloons from afar will be really good in the small spaces by the chairs.

Q: Can I place monkey buccaners in the water

A: Yes.The water there was formed when customers spilled their drinks.The movie staff was lazy and never cleaned it up.

Q: Where is a good spot for sun god temples.

A: In the big hole on the movie screen.That can host lots of towers needed to make a strong sun god temple.


This track was formed From an abandoned Theater.Water from customers' drinks are left untouched,Monkeys never visiting it in Years, ETC.However the monkeys decided to turn this theater into a track.How cool is that?

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