"Help We need help protecting the Monkey toddler from the bloons."

The monkey baby has turned into a toddler and to lose the bloons have to get to the monkey toddler and run out of lives.

Lives: 500

Money 100000

To see the first 10 rounds see Monkey mission part 1 Monkey baby.

Round 11 150 purples,100 milk bloons and 50 whites

Round 12 150 milk bloons,100 whites and 50 blacks

Round 13 150 whites,100 blacks and 50 pinks

Round 14 150 blacks,100 pinks and 50 yellows

Round 15 150 pinks,100 yellows and 50 greens

Round 16 150 yellows, 100 greens and 50 blues

Round 17 150 greens,100 blues and 50 reds

Round 18 150 blues and 100 reds

Round 19 150 reds

Round 20 Boss: BFB

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