monkey baker.

the monkey baker is a monkey with an oven. From the oven, there are cupcakes placed on the track. the cupcakes do 1 layer damage and makes the bloons go slower. Towers that eat other towers can eat cupcakes instead of tower. It costs 600 on medium. When upgraded 4/2 it can jam the pipes of a megabloon , taking it's power away.

path 1

super flour

the cupcakes makes 2 layers damage

costs 200 on medium

dynamite flour:

the cup cakes explodes and splatters themselfes on other bloons slowing them down

costs 380 on medium


the baker shoots cakes instead of cup cakes. the cakes pop 5 layers and have a bigger SPLAT!

costs 1200 on medium

birthday cakes

the birthday cakes are giant! they have 3 "floors", each doing damage to different bloons. if they are eaten by other towers, the tower will have 10% faster fire rate each time it eats it

costs 3800 on medium

Path 2


the cupcakes can pop lead

costs 300 on medium

new recipe

the bakery adds cement into the cupcakes, slowing them even more down

costs 300 on medium

monkey bakery

the bakery shoots 3 times a fast as a baker, and has a candy gun firing at bloons

costs 2000 on medium

highway cupcake volcano

cupcake rain ability: bombs the screen with cupcakes for 15 seconds and makes every monkey firing 10% faster

highway cookie ability:next 50 cupcakes instakill all bloons

costs 5400 on medium

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