Monkey Turret is a tower.It's a mixture tower of a SAS man and the Vickers Turret from SAS Zombie Assault TD.It attacks with a missle gun for the gunner and bullets for the turret.Each missle from the gun can pierce infinite bloons and can smash away 3 layer per missle, and the bullets from the turret can pierce 3 bloons and smashes away 2 layers of bloons at once.Path 1 focuses on upgrading the gunner and Path 2 focuses on upgrading the turret.It's range is as a Monkey Buccaneer (for both turret and gunner) and it's speed is as a 2/2 Tack Shooter.

Cost: 1200/1300/1400

Path 1

Powerful Missles

The missles can now smash away 4 layers of bloons at once.

Cost: 950/1000/1100

Even Powerful Missles

The missles can now smash away 6 layers of bloons and can pop camo bloons and death bloons!

Cost: 1500/1600/1700

Rocket Launcher

Now equips a rocket launcher shooting rockets, smashing away 8 layers of bloons and gives out death and camo detection for towers in it's range!

Cost: 2500/2600/2700

Death Rockets

Now can shoot 4 rockets at a time!

Cost: 9500/9600/9900

Path 2

Bigger Bullet Range

The turret's range is now as a 2/2 Monkey Buccaneer.

Cost: 350/450/650

Infinite Bullet Range

Now has infinite range!

Cost: 2500/2600/2700 (not too high for an infinite-ranged upgrade)

Multi-Bullet Launchers

Now has 5 bullet launchers, making it to shoot 5 bullets at once at a speed of a Super Monkey! 

Cost: 5400/5600/5700 (not too high for a multi-attack upgrade)

Bullet Storm

Bullet Storm Ability: Covers the screen with bullets for 5 seconds.

Cost: 9900/10,000/11,000

Recharge Time: 2 minutes

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