Monkey Spaceshooter is a tower.It attacks bloons with spells (because it is a magical tower).The spells change every upgrade.It can spawn in space,water and gas without any terrian agent,hence it's name.

Cost: 1270

Path 1


Summons a spell called Thunderbolt.Kills 5 layers of bloons at once.

Cost: 1250

Space Sense

Monkey Spaceshooter is now able to detect and target camo bloons.Grants detection to nearby towers.

Cost: 480

Dragon's Bolt

Shoots fiery hot bolts that can kill 3 MOABs with all its children by itself.

Cost: 8150

Super Phoinex's Bolt

Shoots fiery hot blue bolts that can kill a single BFB with its all children by itself.

Cost: 19450

Path 2

Powerful Spaceshooting

Can pierce 10 bloons instead of the usual 4.

Cost: 1250

Even Powerful Spaceshooting

Can pierce 17 bloons instead of the 10.

Cost: 1575

Chocolate Bolt

Shoots chocolate bolts that can make bloons lose 60% less lives.For example, a MOAB does 616 damage.It will do 242 damage when being affected.If it is a red bloon it will still do damage.

Cost: 24275

Chocolate Storm

Chocolate Storm Ability: Affects all the bloons on screen to lose 60% less lives exept Red Bloons.

Cost: 55455

Recharge Time: 120 Seconds


  • The Chocolate Bolt's name would make people laugh when they read it.

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