The Monkey Shotgunner costs $800 on medium.

Description-Armed with a powerful pump shotgun that can shoot two darts at a time, it pops two layers off bloons

Path 1

Super Shots-Makes the shotgun capable of popping leads and can pop off three layers

Mega Spray-Shoots five darts

Ultra Spray-Shoots ten darts at a time and can pop camo bloons

The Annihilator-Does 5x damage to MOAB-class bloons

Path 2

Increased fire rate-Increases the rate of fire

Piercer-Does extra damage to ceramics and makes each of the darts pop two bloons at a time

Auto Shotgun-Shotgun now shoots three times as fast

Modified Bloontonium Darts-The darts have an infinite range and can pop an infinite amount of bloons

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