The Monkey Painter is a tower. It paints non-M.O.A.B class bloons as M.O.A.B class bloons.  Every layer popped while painted will lower the layers when it is unpainted.  $9,550


Path 1

New Selection

Allows painting into Ceramic and Rainbow. $6,550

Even Newer Selection

Down to the low Immunes and Upper Super Fast.   $10,000

Paint-ful Paint

Just like Bloon Dissolver. $6,000


1.9 times Faster Than Liquifying $25,000

Everywhere Painted

Paint everywhere ability:  paints all Bloons on screen  $30,000

Path 2

Hypersonic Painter

Paints extremely fast! $8,000

Longer Paint

Paint lasts a lot longer! $6,000


Brush is big enough to paint either 5 bloons or 1 MOAB-Class bloon at once. Also shoots paint drops that paint 2 bloons and last twice as long. $25000

Viral Paint

Like Viral Frost! $50000


Perma-Paint Ability:Next ten bloons painted are painted permanently. $75000

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