Monkey Magician is a magician monkey that is the brother of the Monkey Apprentice and appears on Bloons Tower Defense 8. It uses the elements of earth and water. Unupgraded it shoots small chunks of earth and bubbles of water.

Path 1

Bigger Projectiles

The Monkey Magician shoots bigger projectiles.

Earth Pillars

Every once in a while, a pillar made of dirt will pop up on the track.

Jagged Rocks

Jagged rocks fly around the Magician, popping bloons.

Earth Quake

A huge earthquake occasionally happens, popping 1 layer off all bloons within the range of the Magician.

Path 2

Monkey Sense

Monkey Magician can detect and attack Camo Bloons.

Bubble Blower

Bubbles trap bloons and send them back to the start.

Water Splash

Creates 1 pool of water on the track, that splashes bloons, popping and slowing them.

Tidal Wave

Ability: Tidal Wave. Creates a huge tidal wave that pops bloons and creates small pools of water that Monkey Buccaneers can be placed in.