Monkey Hero-Hand Shake-By Leonardo Vergara Concha

Giving A Hand Shake

Raised By Ninjas, Uses The Power Of Bloonjitsu Gunning And All Sorts Of Awesome.

Unlockable Character In Bloons RPG. Starts At Level 20. Sort of a Dartling Gunner.


Attack Power: 70 (Good)

Speed: 85 (Runs fast)

Base Defense: 40% (Good)

Special Defense: Heavy -20%, Physical +10%, Blade +5%, Dart +10%, Fire -15%, Lightning -15%, Ice -15%, Laser -20%, Light +20%, Plasma +10%, Psychic +90%. Plus means Resistence.

Abilities Related: It's a Monkey, right. Agility (Slide, Dash and Backdash), Reflexes (Dodges fast), can use Bloonjitsu, Energy Attacks Power x1.5, Small Gun Mastery +20% Heavy Gun Mastery +40%.
Monkey Hero-Fireball-By Leonardo Vergara Concha


Outfit: Gliding, super Durable Cape. Shields some weak Explosions, Fire and Light. Cool, High Tech Hat, can Scan Bloon Stats (10 Bloon Points).

Weapons 1

Monkey Hero-Sniper Rifle-By Leonardo Vergara Concha

Sniper Rifle

Left Arm: Semi Automatic Burst Rifle: Each Shot hits 5 Bloons, Damage is 100-70-50-30-10%. Power of Ammo +20, fires 3 Shots.

Right Arm: Wrist-Hold Micro Missile Shooter. Power of 10.

Monkey Hero-Plasma Shooter-By Leonardo Vergara Concha

Exploding Plasma

Monkey Hero-Rocket Guns-By Leonardo Vergara Concha

Rocket Pistols

Melee Weapon: Knife (Default).

Googles: Laser Eye. Power: 10 (Deals 1 if enemy is too strong) Hit:1 Target.

Bomb: Smoke Bomb. Covers an area of 3x3 squares. Bloons can´t see anything.

Special: Light Ray Cannon, goes through any foe. (Laser and Rocket Guns attachable). Uses 80 Bloon Points. (Has 250, so use wisely) 100 hits of 1 Damage.

Rocket Guns: Fire powerful Rockets. 15 Power

Katana: Slices many Bloons. Power of 40, Cutting Weapon

Plasma Cannon: Fire Plasma Orbs rapidly. Explode On Last Hit. Power of 15.

Dartling Gun

A Dartling Gun On Display

Beam Sword

A Beam Sword On Display

Flash Bomb: Blinds and stuns in a 5x5 area. Power of 10 Hit, 20/10/5 Explosion.

Gatling Gun: Ultrasonic stream of bullets. Power of 10

Unbreakable Will (Sniper Rifle): Nothing stops its shot. Power of 100

Monkey Hero-Heavy Gun-By Leonardo Vergara Concha

Heavy Gun Structure

Ninja Bomb: Layered Bomb explodes thrice, Stuns Bloons, and surrounds them In Smoke.


"Monkey Hero" Concept belongs to User Leonardo Vergara Concha, and Is based on Bloons Tower Defense 5 Content, by Kaiparasoft/Ninja Kiwi.

Don't post this as Yours, or use without permission.

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