Not to be confused with the Gunner Monkey.

The Monkey Gunner is a tower that attacks bloons with a gun. With every upgrade, the guns change and are powerful than before, in both upgrade paths. The most powerful gun, the BCS Wipeout, sends a huge bullet that stuns the target and even completely destroys low-level bloons! The starting gun is the second weakest gun in the tower's collection, the Flamethrower. Sorry if this tower seems similar to the guns in the SAS Zombie Assault Series.

Costs are in Easy.

Cost: 3240

Path 1

Energy Weapon

Equips an energy weapon called JKH-154 CAW.

Cost: 2485

Auto-Power Rifle

Equips a powerful assault rifle called ARX-175.

Cost: 4450

Power Pistol

Equips a super-powerful pistol called MAC-50.

Cost: 6540

Super-Power MG

Equips a super-powerful Machine Gun called M2-Browning.

Cost: 9450

Path 2

Free-Semi Rifle

Equips a powerful free premium assault rifle called M4 Garand.

Cost: 1570

High-Power SMG

Equips a high power SMG called P4-50 Bizon.

Cost: 6470

Speciality Ultra-Power Special

Equips an ultra-power special gun called Mark 10 (also known as Mark X).

Cost: 14750

Power Rain

Equips all of the guns in his collection including BCS Wipeout.Power Rain Ability: Sends a heavy rain of all guns for 4 seconds.

Cost: 26450


  • The name of Wipeout is actually Zombie Combat Systems Wipeout but this is a bloons game so I turned it to Bloon Combat Systems Wipeout.

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