Monkey Flamer is a tower.It attacks bloons like Dragon's Breath, but is weaker and shoots flame from his pipe instead of his mouth.It can pop 4 bloons and smash away 3 layers at once.It has a range of a Super Monkey.

Cost: 790/800/850

Path 1

More Flames

Can now pop 6 bloons and can smash away 5 layers of bloons at once!

Cost: 850/900/1000

Double Flamer

Now has 2 pipes of fire in his hand! But uses only 1 at a time.

Cost: 900/1000/1100

Dragon of the Death

Now becomes a dragon, smashing away 12 layers of bloons at once! Also shoots flames from his mouth now and is stuck on a bloon and also stops it for 2 seconds! The flames can stop 3 bloons at a time and cannot stop MOAB-Class Bloons.

Cost: 9900/10,000/11,000 (seems overpriced, but if you read it carefully and understand it, the cost is just right)


The flames can now stop 6 bloons for 4 seconds and can stop blimps as well as bloons!

Cost: 6000/7000/8000

Path 2

Bigger Range

Now has a range of a Monkey Buccaneer (the Monkey Buccaneer has a larger range than a Super Monkey).

Cost: 450/650/850

Even Bigger Range

Now has a range of a 2/0 Monkey Buccaneer.

Cost: 850/1050/1250

Neva-Stoppable Flamer

The flames can not stop now untill the round is end or no bloons are in it's range!

Cost: 1560/1650/1890

Flame Storm

Flame Storm Ability: Covers the screen with flame for 5 seconds.

Cost: 20,000/21,000/23,000

Recharge Time: 3 minutes and 30 seconds


  • The name of the Path 2 Tier 3 upgrade is similar to Neva-Miss Targeting as both upgrades have the word 'Neva'. 

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