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Monkey Doctor is a tower. It attacks by nebolizing bloons, smashing away 1 layer per second and lasts 5 seconds (one nebolize, 5 seconds).It can only nebolize 1 bloon at a time without upgrades.It's range is as a 0/0 Dart Monkey.Any bloon that is nebolizing will be stopped for 5 seconds.It cannot nebolize blimps.

Cost: 1000/1250/1390

Path 1

Quicker Nebolizing

Now pops 2 layers per second and takes 3 seconds to complete one nebolize.

Cost: 650/750/850

Superfast Nebolizing

Each bloon now takes 1 second to complete one nebolize and each nebolize takes away 5 layers at once.

Cost: 1500/1600/1700

MOAB-Class Nebolizing

Can now nebolize blimps as well as bloons.It takes 5 seconds to complete one blimp nebolize.

Cost: 2600/2700/3000

Death Nebolizer

Now can smash away 10 layers of bloons at once and can nebolize bloons instantly, though blimps now take 5 seconds to complete a nebolize.

Cost: 6500/6700/7000

Path 2

Range Medicine

Doubles the range of the tower allowing for more room to nebolize.

Cost: 100/150/250


Turns the tail into a stethoscope whip, which serves as a secondary attack.

Cost: 800/900/950

Spiky Stethoscope

Makes the stethoscope spiky and able to pop 2 layers of bloon.

Cost: 1000/1150/1300


Each 5 rounds the player will receive an extra life, multiple Monkey Doctors will not cause the about of lives gained to increase

Cost: 2000/2500/3000

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