Monkey Cycler is a agent that cycles a map you are playing.During cycing,this agent shoots small cycles that pop 10 layers of a bloon.When cycling is finished,it shoots wheels of cycles that can pop upto 14 layers of a bloon and pops 7 bloons at a time.You can place this anywhere.This will spawn two monkeys.One monkey will cycle and another will stand on land or water.These can placed on road,land and water! The standing monkeys shoots wheels.This agent is purchasable when you reach a certian rank or beat 19xx (182's Conception).


Makes it triple the powerful when standing,can pop upto 42 layers and 21 bloons at once!


Pro Cost:100

Times to unlock Pro:20

Pro Cost to unlock:1000

So, is this good or bad,powerful or less-powered?


  • This is one of the only Special Agents that is not purchasable before a certian rank or beating a special mission.
  • Flaming bloons on Chaos Road cannot kill this special agent.

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