Monkey Chopper-By Leonardo Vergara Concha

Monkey Chopper


"Flies over the stage, rapidly firing darts. Each dart pops 1 bloon, and shoots forward."

Type: Flying, Shot, Sharp

Space Used: As a Super Monkey.

Path: Hover (as a normal tower), Path "O", Both "8"s

Fire Rate: Dartling Gun

Flight: Unlimited

Range: As a Super Range S. Monkey, 90° forward.



Path 1

Twin Guns: Twice the fun! Price $1500

Scanner Light: Targets Camo Bloons. Price $350

Rocket Launcher: Shoot powerful missiles! They don't fire as fast, but pop 2 layers. (Explosions affect 20 Bloons, even Bomb-immune, fire 30% slower) Price $2600

MOAB Missile Carrier: Ability- Fires 10 missiles, each deals 5 damage, x10 to MOABs. Lasts 5 Seconds (Each affects 50 bloons, Also, normal ones are Missile-shaped MOAB Maulers, and they deal x8 Damage) Recharge: 90 Second Price $10000

Path 2

Flexible Gunners: Increases Range width to 180°, now targets everything in front! Price $450

Rapid Fire: Fire much faster! (As a 2/- Dartling Gun) Price $900

Vulcan Gun: Fire super fast! Shots fly faster too. (As a Super Monkey, and a -/2 Dartling gun) Price $4000

Dartling Minigun: Endless stream of metal-piercing darts. (As fast as a Plasma Vision Monkey. Pierce 2 Bloons, also Metal. Red Hot Darts have Powered and Fire properties) Price $12000

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