The Monkey Car is a tower that drives over track,pops 1 layer of every bloon it drives over,and jumps a lot. $680


Path 1

Fire Tire

Lets car pop leads. $150

Sharp Tires

Pops 2 layers of bloon. $340

Tail of Pop

Car whips its tail to pop bloons. $1595

Spiky Tail Of Doom

Pops 5 layers per whip! $5000

Car All Over

Car All Over Ability:Very quickly drives over the entire track! $10000

Path 2

Speedy Range

Increases speed and range! $1025

Intelligent Supervision Monkeys

Lets car hit Camo Bloons. $290


Jumps less. $3595

Stain of Pain

Stain shoots poison that pops like Bloon Dissolver. $3595

Stain Poison

Stain Poison Strike Ability:Poisons all bloons on screen. Prevents Evasion Bloons from seeing tower.

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