The Monkey Battleship is a special unit of the Operation Heaven One special mission. It has 1000 HP, and you can place monkeys (and monkeys only!) on the empty spaces of the battleship. It consists of:

  • 9 Battleship cannons: These cannons are as fast as an unupgraded Monkey Buccaneer, has infinite pierce and does 100x damage to MOAB-Class Bloons.
  • 12 Destroyer cannons
  • 4 AA guns: An AA gun is just like a 2/2 Dartling Gun.

Secret: How to unlock the Monkey Battleship as a Special Agent

  • First, get a gold medal on Thousand Sakuras (that means you have to complete Operation Heaven One and 19xx first)
  • Then replay Operation Heaven One and complete it with the Monkey Battleship losing less than 400 HP.
  • Now you've got a smaller version (but just as powerful) of the battleship as a special agent, though only Archipelago and Dockside have enough meaningful space to put it.
  • The first Monkey Battleship is free, but from the second one each Monkey Battleship will cost 1200 MM as a Special Agent.


  • This is a reference to the legendary battleship Yamato.

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