Not to be confused with the Archer Monkey.

The Monkey Archer is a powerful tower that shoots arrows at bloons. It is similar to a 2-0 Ninja Monkey (same range and popping power) and an X-1 Sniper Monkey (same speed). It costs $600 on Medium


Path 1
1. Sharper Heads: $350
Sharper Heads deliver more popping power! (Arrows can now pop seven bloons per shot.)

2. Broadheads: $800
Broadhead Arrows are super strong. They can pop lead, smash through frozen, and do extra damage to ceramic bloons! (Broadhead arrows deal 3 HP damage each to ceramics.)

3. Swiftbow: $2,800
The new Swiftbow allows for rapid-fire of arrows. It has quadruple the shoot speed of a normal bow and allows for more M.O.A.B.-Class Bloon pain! (Swiftbows fire arrows that deal 5 HP damage to M.O.A.B.-Class Bloons.

4. Lord of the Arrow: $15,000
The Lord of the Arrow is the best archer in the world. He can stop a M.O.A.B. dead in its tracks, and he can shoot any distance! (Arrows now have a chance to stun bloons temporarily, and can now be targeted from all over the map.)

Path 2
1. Eagle Eyes: $200
Eagle Eyes can spot camo bloons and allow for longer range! (Range = 0-2 Super Monkey)

2. Composite Bow: $470
Composite bows have greater draw strength, allowing for even longer range! (Range = X-3 Monkey Buccaneer)

3. Greek Fire: $2,500
Greek Fire is a deadly weapon. It burns through two layers of bloon and makes the arrow explode on max pop!

4. Elite Sharpshooter: $18,000
These special archers have two extra-powerful abilities, considering that they are elite enough to have them both! Arrow of Destruction Ability: Temporarily take control of the sharpshooter and pick a bloon. Then the sharpshooter will fire a single arrow that will pop 500 layers off of that bloon! M.O.A.B.-Class Bloons only take 250 damage, but that's still enough to wreck a M.O.A.B. or T.U.R.B.O.! Bosses are immune to this. Cooldown time: 45 seconds. Rally Trainees Ability: Two trainees come out for their first mission, adding their firepower to yours! They have to return to their shooting range after 20 seconds. (Archer Trainees are 0-0) Cooldown time: 60 seconds.


  • This tower has been suggested a LOT on the N.K. Forums.
  • Greek Fire is a real incendiary weapon. Nobody really knows what it's made of, but likely ingredients include horse poop, sawdust, tar, asphalt, sulfur, and salt.

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