Monkey Apartment Complex

The Monkey Apartment Complex is a Specialty Building that is for the Monkey Village. Banana Farm prices are increased by 5% with this building active.

Specialty Building TI

Decreases the price of the Monkey Village by 5%.

Specialty Building TII

Increases the range of the Monkey Village by 20%.

Specialty Building TIII

Adds a powerful Special Ability to the Village.


The special ability is called "Call the Militia". It spawns ten 2-3 Dart Monkeys, eight 2-2 Boomerang Throwers, three 4-2 Ninja Monkeys, a 4-2 Dart Monkey (Spike-o-Pult), and a 4-2 Sniper. The ability lasts for ten seconds, and they all can't be upgraded.

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