Metallic Lab is an Extreme track, featuring an always-changing track. It costs 10MM to try.

Bloons start at the left path. The middle rectangle is always changing : every 5 waves, it will change to a different track : an giant piston will get on the rectangle; postponing a new map. The towers that were on it get sold.

The towers outside of the rectangle do not get changed.

  • Track 1 - Straight line. Hardest track.
  • Track 2 - Forest-like track. You can place towers on the big tree.
  • Track 3 - Lava track. You can place towers on the coal bits.
  • Track 4 - Temple track. A giant 4/2 temple is at the middle; you can place towers around it.

The rewards are :

Easy - 500 000xp, 25AP, 500MM

Medium - 2 500 000xp, 100AP, 1500MM

Hard - 7 500 000xp, 150AP, 2000MM

By Bonjoura

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