The Megahemoth is an event-boss bloon that appears in Bloons Monkey City 2. It resembles a BFB, exept that it it much bigger, it's colored green, the monkey symble is replaced with a star, it's left eye is pink & it's right eye is purple. This blimp is a child of no bloon and it doesn't spawn any bloons when it finally gets destroyed.


  • The Megahemoth's health increases for every level that you defeat it on, much like the bosses of the first game.
  • The Megahemoth has the ability to temporarily project a force field that makes it immune to most attacks. Only powerful attacks such as sun rays and MOAB Assassin shots can pierce this force field.
  • The Megahemoth's move speed is different depending on how much health it has.
    • At full health, it stops on the start of the track.
    • After 25% of its health is gone, it starts moving at the speed of Bloonarius.
    • After 50% of its health is gone, its speed starts to match that of a Z.O.M.G.
    • After 75% of its health is gone, will move at a speed comparable to a B.F.G.

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