The Mad Mastodon is a powerful special agent that has two attacks: it can blast bloons with air blasts from it's trunk (TURN YOUR HEADPHONES' VOLUME DOWN!) that knock the bloons back, or it can fling a volley of snowballs collected with the tusks and trunk. Snowballs will flash-freeze bloons (pop off a layer, then freeze, like a 2-X Ice Tower or a Mad Snowman). It costs 100 Monkey Money.

Pro Mad Mastodon

The pro is unlocked after forty uses. It has a special ability that makes it blast shockwaves across the whole screen, stunning and knocking back all non-M.O.A.B.-Class, non-Ruler bloons.


  • This agent's snowball throwing abilities could be seen as a copy of the Mad Snowman, but it is different, as it's a VOLLEY of snowballs.

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