The Mad Bomber will throw white bombs that's like the Bomb Tower's bombs but has a slightly bigger radius and can pop 2 layers at once! There's 1 problem though... this monkey is INSANE! After each 10-20 shots (depends on your luck) it'll throw a bomb into a tower in its range, destroying it! (The attack deals 20HP damage).

Price: 950$ on Medium

Path 1

E.S.B (Electrical Saber-like Bomb):

It'll throw bombs that also send two electrical rays along a small section of the track, creating a double-lightsaber-like effect.

Price: 1100$ on Medium

Mental Treatment:

The monkey is now less insane than before and will attack your towers after 20-40 shots instead of 10-20 shots.

Price: 1300$ on Medium


The monkey is now sane and won't attack your towers anymore.

Price: 2000$ on Medium


Instead of attacking, the monkey will now throw an energy capsule at one of your towers in its range after 10-20 shots, making it shoots 70% faster for 5 seconds!

Price: 4200$ on Medium

Path 2

Stunning Bombs

Bombs can now stun bloons.

Price: 800$ on Medium


Bombs will create an electrical trap in the blast radius that lasts for a short time after exploding (technically, bombs will explode "longer")

Price: 2000$ on Medium


Bloons that're hit by the bombs will pop 1 layer of any bloon they touch for 10 seconds!

Price: 7400$ on Medium


Bombs can now pop 5 layers each! But the monkey will attack your towers twice faster than its original state (it'll now attack your tower every 5-10 shots!) This upgrade can override "Mental Treatment", so upgrade at your own risk!

Price: 6800$ on Medium


  • In my fanfic Eternal Wars, he's called Decker Damon, the crazy ruler of the Deshion Union.

Meta07 (talk) 14:53, July 6, 2013 (UTC)

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