MMBFB Carrier
the MMBFB Carrier is an MMBFBOTABOTG Series Carrier, it contains almost all of the MMBFBOTABOTG, it has 39,999 hp and releases 2 mmbfb1kls, 1 super ABOTG and 4 mmbfbotabotgs

name: Mega Mega Brutal Floating Behemoth Carrier

HP: 39,999

RBE: unknown

Weapons: 9 snipers, 2 Battleship Turrets

immune to: freezing, glue, darts, lasers


  • it's the 2nd biggest member of the entire mmbfb series, yet, it is 5x the size of a regular Mega Overlord
    • however, googolplexamurus carrier is 10x the size of a mmbfb carrier
  • it's BGM of this blimp is Serenata Immortale
    • In the game code, it is incorrectly refered to as "bloon_mmbfb". This was fixed in update 2.1.3 so it is correctly named as "mmbfb_final".
  • also, it's heavy cannons can penetrate shields of ANY level, also deal 25 damage
    • while the snipers deal 2 damage, tough, ALL 9 snipers deal a full-pain 18
    • heavy cannon's barrels deal 25 damage and the total is 6 barrels, so it's a FULLY-pain damage of 150! OUCHY!!!
  • there is it's second version
  • it drops an Immortality Gem
  • it is dwarfed by the Dive Bomber Blimp Carrier
  • 4/4/4/4 Wither Tanks and 4/4 Contras are needed to take down this boss easily.

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