MEMOIR with layout
Difficulty Nearly Impossible
Terrain Virtual Reality
Entrances 1
Exits 4
Water? No

MEMOIR is the special track of the Reactor Core ~=ENCODE=~ mission. It's a Nearly Impossible track that takes place in the virtual-reality plane that E.N.T.I.T.Y. created while eating the world (which is also the place where the Bloontonium Lab was built upon later to cover the distorted void.) You can only place the towers on the gears. The other parts of the track is counted as Outer Space.

Opening Animation

  • When you start the mission, the original Reactor Core building will collapse and reveal a distorted void. Your towers will then descend until they find 4 large gears like this, all while the "NOW ENTERING THE COMPLEX KNOWN AS THE REACTOR CORE" appears and flashes as shown on the picture. When the towers reach the 4 gears, you'll get the chance to replace them. As for the phrase, it'll just stay there until the end of the mission just to block your eyes! Ouch!

Track Paths

  • Unlike the other tracks, here the bloon will ascend from the bottom of the void (by "bottom" here I meant "bottom" in a 3D world!) and when they reach the center they'll really go on the play, can be popped and will move to one of the 4 paths. (the ascending was just for visual effects and for the track to make sense, don't worry!)
  • The bloons will choose to go around the half of one of the four gears. Then they'll just go straight and exit the track. (as shown in the track layout).
  • Oh, did I mention that when the bloons pass by the gears, they'll actually rotate the gears and mess your tower placement up?! The stronger the bloon, the more the gear will be rotated! This, ladies and gentlemen, is what has risen the difficulty of this track up to Nearly Impossible! (Protip: you better place towers all around a gear...)


  • Here's the track without the track layout, because the layout can make it really hard to see the details of the track itself.

  • The track takes a lot of inspiration from HELLSINKER's final title screen.
  • The "NOW ENTERING THE COMPLEX KNOWN AS THE REACTOR CORE" is also a reference to a similar phrase in HELLSINKER (not quite remember what and where.)
  • The BGM for this track is Alpha Century IV.

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