Lucky Star
Lucky Star Track
Difficulty Expert
Terrain Outer Space
Entrances 5
Exits 5
Water? No

The Lucky Star is an Expert track taking place at a huge shiny star in the Outer Space. There's a green box under the star and you can spawn monkeys on the star and the box. It's unlocked at Rank 40

Track Paths

  • The track contain 5 paths, each path go through 2 edges of the star. The entraces and exits of each path is shown on the picture.

Track Secrets

  • You can click on the little star on the green box once each round to choose to sacrifice 5 or 15 towers (each tower must cost at least $3000):
    • If you sacrifice 5 towers, you'll get an Absolute Void, a World Ruler, a Master of Fire, a Viral Frost, a Spectre, a Cripple MOAB, a Bloon Liquefier, or a special prize of a Bloonsday Device PX or a B.A.D.S , depending on your luck.
    • If you sacrifice 15 towers, you'll get a Mobile Fortress, a Time Distortion, a Ray of Doom or a special prize of a Temple of the Monkey God, depending on your luck.
  • "Special prizes" have a significantly harder chance to win.


  • Isn't the reference obvious enough?!
  • The BGM of this track is Lucky Star's glorious opening. (Try analyzing the beats of that song! Good luck! :))
  • For visual effects, when you sacrifice towers for the star, the sacrificed towers will turn into golden orbs, fly at the tips of the star, create an electrical link to the center of the star to create your tower, then disappear.

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