Lucky 7
Difficulty Extreme Difficulty
Terrain Metal
Entrances 3
Exits 1
Water? Only in the hole (Aerogel).

Lucky 7 is an Extreme Difficulty track that is on a slot machine. Every 3 rounds, the slots will spin and change the track layout. No towers can be placed on the slots. The track parts move with the slot they are on. It is unlocked at Rank 65. It costs $50 Monkey Money to try.


You can put any tower or agent in the hole to sacrifice it(including a buccaneer) and make the slots spin. If the slots match up 3 lemons, you get double the price of the sacrificed tower, 3 cherries give you triple the price of the sacrificed tower, and 3 lucky sevens give you x7 of the price of the sacrificed tower. You can only sacrifice a tower once per round. The slots won't always match up, but if they did, it wouldn't be in a casino, would it?


  • The slots start out so that the Bloons move all the way right.

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