The Lead-Steel Alloy loot.

The Lead-Steel Alloy is an uncommon Item that drops when popping a Lead Bloon with explosives (plasma and energy will vaporize it).


Lead Revetment


The Lead Revetment icon.

The Lead Revetment is a Rare Item that can be crafted by putting 13 Lead-Steel Alloys anywhere in the Crafting Menu. It can only be equipped to a tower and when equipped gives the tower a lead protection, which has an AD of 5 and a PD of 10. It is also used to craft these items:

Molten Lead


The Molten Lead icon.

The Molten Lead is a Rare Road Item that can be crafted by putting a Lead Revetment and a Magic Flame anywhere in the Crafting Menu. This Road Item pops bloons every second while standing on it. This lasts 90 seconds. This recipe costs 535 Monkey Money. It is also used to craft this item:


  • Some people may think lead bloons are very common but they aren't because they don't appear in Freeplay Mode and very few appear before it.

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