The monkeys have created a weird version of the kaleidoscope! This Kaleidoscoptic Projector can be put anywhere on the map, not just on the track, and you can set its angle after putting. It'll shoot a strange "ray" forward, when this ray touches a bloon, that bloon will be stunned for 3 seconds because of how confusing the image is. You can turn this scope on or off at anytime by clicking on the big symbol at the back of the scope. However, each scope's only got enough battery for 10 seconds of "projecting". Only few know its TRUE purpose as a key to a world of memories...

Price: 150$

Secret: Gate to MEMOIR

  • First, put a Black Void Shooter, a Time Leaper, a Monkey Apprentice, an Ice Tower, a Hypno Monkey and a Mad Bomber on the edges of an imaginary hexagon. (These towers must be at least 3/x or x/3, the Black Void Shooter must be 4/x)
  • Then put a Kaleidoscoptic Projector in front of each monkey and adjust their angle so that they all shoots toward a certain point.
  • Now activate all of them.
  • Then use an Absolute Void. This Absolute Void will fly to said point this time and open the gate to MEMOIR.
  • Click on the gate to get to a secret track.


  • The ray of this scope is actually quite bright! It looks dark on the photo because of... the wiki's dark background! Yikes!

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