"just die, just die!!!" is a special mission taking place at The Pond, you start with 10,000 cash, 1 life and NO special agents, you can choose what difficulty you want...


round 1: 100,000 red bloons pack together, 5,000 each

round 2: 200 mmbfbotabotgs

round 3: 100 Super ABOTGs

round 4: 5 ZOMGs

round 5: 1 J.O.H.N.

round 6: 5 Big Bloon Mk. IIs

round 7: 2 Big Bloon Mk. Is

round 8: 1,000,000 Pink Bloons

round 9: 1000 black bloons

round 10: 100 zomgs, 200 mmbfbotabotgs, 60000 red bloons, 10 ceramic bloons

round 11: 1000 zomgs

round 12: 20 TZOMGs

round 13: 4 Big Bloon Mk. IIIs

round 14: 2 Big Bloon Mk. IVs

round 15: 10 Big Bloon Mk. IIs

round 16: 100 J.O.H.N.s

round 17: 5,000 Big Bloon Mk. Is

round 18: 10,000 Big Bloon Mk. IVs

round 19: 20,000 Big Bloon Mk. IVs


game sound track

round 1-5: Jay-Z - Blueprint 2 (Instrumental)

round 6-10: Rob Dougan-Clubbed to Death

round 11-19: Left 4 Dead Soundtrack- 'Tank'

round 20: Metallica - The Ecstasy Of Gold (S&M)


  • if you select higher difficulties, for example: medium, then the bloons/blimps count increase by 10 like: round 1 (medium): 10 red bloons, if you select hard, then the bloons/blimps count increase by 100, round 1(hard): 100 red bloons
  • The player needs at least 1 4/4 shaitan or 1 4/4/4/4 Wither Tank to beat it easily.
  • it is recommended to mute the sound on round 16 w/ or w/o headphones, due to J.O.H.N.s' roaring sound
  • This unlocks the 4/4 Shaitan, if beaten twice and completed the "EX Upgrade" quest, they will get the Plasma armor for Hapstadyne.
  • If you talk to Tatemporary if you fail the mission, he will say, "This mission you tried to do is so hard, try and try again until you beat it! I will help you!" and for 3 times, he will help you in the mission, placing randomy 4/2 and 2/4 shaitans and 3/3/3/3 Wither Tanks.

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