Intelligence Town Monkey is a nearly impossible track.This track is located at Monkey Builider Town Center. There are 4 starts and 4 exits plus 4 towns in the middle.On the first start,bloons go from middle left and end at bottom right. On the second start, bloons come from right one town and end at top left. Third start is from the middle town and go to right and left both.Fourth start is from bottom and go to top corners.This is a secret track just like Monkey Temple and Star Shrine (On this wiki). In this track towns are secrets. You must have a ray of doom or any tower that shoots ray and 9000 or more cash left. Then a message appear: Do you want to unlock the town rays? Click Yes and rays will fill the whole track and you will not need any towers until round 100! You have to beat all the tracks including Star Shrine and on every mode, including Reverse Mode but excluding Fast Mode to unlock this track.


No road items!

Start with 2500 cash

Beat 110 rounds! On any difficulty, easy,medium or hard!

3500 Monkey Money Reward!

No saves!

Beat 19xx (182's Conception) and Cyclers Chaos Special Missions first,making it ultra hard!

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