Infected Bloon

The Infected Bloon is a red bloon that is infected with nanites, giving it extreme strength, speed, and some pretty deadly abilities. It is the boss of the (upcoming!) Cyberfortress Mission.


  1. Replication: Cannibalizes all nearby bloons, and turns them into more Infected Bloons
  2. Nanite Armour: Covers itself with a hard shell that feeds off of all incoming projectiles, using them to build up its armour.
  3. Cyber Charge: Holds completely still, charging up for a speed to the finish. If it is hit 1000 times during this ability, it will return to it's original position.
  4. Cyber Strike: Blasts the entire screen with bolts of electricity, knocking out all machines and M.I.B.s for one second.
  5. Omega: When it's health is completely depleted, it shatters, sending shards of its own material into all towers. Ten shards can destroy a T.o.t.M.G. Nanite Shards are immune to LII Shields, so they can pass right through them!