Mission Information

The Ice Tower's Perfect Combat Class is a 60-round Special Mission at The Rink. In this mission, you're given 1000$ start cash. The number of your Ice Towers here must be higher than the sum of all your other towers (for example, if you have 5 Ice Towers, you can only have at most 4 other towers.) Your most expensive non-Ice Tower must also be cheaper than your cheapest Ice Tower! (if an upgrade of a certain tower would make it more expensive than your cheapest Ice Tower, you can't buy that upgrade.) You also have only 1 live in this mission, as the "class" is supposed to be "perfect"!


As for the rounds, each 3 rounds only have a certain type of bloons (as it's supposed to be a "combat class"):

Round 1-3: Red Bloons

Round 4-6: Blue Bloons

Round 7-9: Green Bloons

Round 10-12: Yellow Bloons

Round 13-15: Pink Bloons

Round 16-18: Purple Bloons

Round 19-21: Black Bloons

Round 22-24: Lead Bloons

Round 25-27: Aqua Bloons

Round 28-30: Charge Bloons

Round 31-33: Orange Bloons

Round 34-36: White Bloons

Round 37-39: Police Bloons

Round 40-42: Shining Bloons

Round 43-45: Zebra Bloons

Round 46-48: Warp Bloons

Round 49-51: Hypno Bloons

Round 52-54: Two-Faced Bloons

Round 55-57: Evolution Bloons

Round 58-60: MOABs


  • This mission is another obvious reference! That'll also be the BGM for this Special Mission.
  • The reason I chose the Ice Towers for this is because:
    • Cirno is also Ice-elemented like the Ice Towers.
    • Ice Towers are the weakest towers in popping power, just like Cirno is actually just an idiot and one of the weakest Touhou bosses.

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