Ice Spirit

The Ice Spirit

This mission shows you the true potential of the Ice Tower. It has a 4-4 Ice Tower in the middle of a Special Track called Best Served Cold. The tower can freeze M.O.A.B.-Class, White, and Zebra Bloons, is surrounded by an Ice Wall that acts like a Level II Shield, and can freeze infinity bloons. However, it requires warmth (ironic, but there can be no cold without heat) to exist, so it will take the hottest tower nearby (i.e. the one that is most expensive usually, but it will take cannon, mortars, Dartling Guns, spike factories, and Monkey Aces before Super Monkeys unless it is upgraded at least 1-X) every five levels. Face 50 custom levels, and the boss is the deadly S.H.E.D. (Super-Heated Elephantine Dirigible). Good Luck!


  • The B.G.M. is Night of the Owl, by Kevin Macleod.
  • The track's name is part of a proverb (Revenge is a dish best served cold.).

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