I Wanna Be Your Sniper! is a Special Mission taking place on the Deserted Battlefield, starring a ghost Sniper Monkey that died there on the previous war and wants to take revenge on the bloons.

Mission Information

  • You have 10000$ start cash and 500 "spirit power" points at the start.
  • Each time the Sniper Monkey pops something, it gains a "spirit power" point. The "spirit power" is like a kind of money especially for his upgrades. One "spirit power" point is equivalent to 2$. So deploying support towers to help him shoot better can be more tactical than unleashing hell.
  • The ghost Sniper Monkey can be upgraded to 4/4.
  • When it's 4/4, there's a final upgrade which costs 66666 "spirit power" point called the "Soul Sniper". This upgrade gives the monkey the abilities of a Monkey Town and allows him to shoot 50% faster for every Temple on screen, and he can also make all those temples shoots 25% faster.
  • Each time a tower is damaged, you will lose 200 spirit power points, when a tower is destroyed, you will lose 500 spirit power points (if a Temple is destroyed, you lose 1,500 spirit power points!). If your spirit power is below 0, you lose! So upgrading him too much is not always a good idea.
  • Only bloons that can attack towers will appear in this mission (Problem, Ultrarotom?)
  • This mission has 70 rounds, with the boss being a Soul BFB, a transparent BFB that can only be damaged by the ghost sniper. Other towers can slow it down if they have the right abilities though (Cripple MOABs, Sabotage Supply Line...)


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