The I.G.B.M (Intelligent Gigantic Bloon Missile) is another idea of an Easy Mode boss. Its speed is the same as a Yellow Bloon. It takes 200 hits to pop and doesn't spawn any children. In Normal and Hard Mode, it can choose to hit one of your towers, dealing 500 damage in a HUGE radius (this is the only attack that's truly undefendable besides the B.T.T.'s Force Field and can destroy a Temple of the Monkey God in 1 hit!). Don't worry, it won't always do this and it'll never do this in Easy Mode (because it means it's an instant win for the monkeys)


  • Its name was inspired by the I.C.B.M
  • This and W.O.D are the first (and so far only) examples of different bosses but same level placement idea.
  • The BGM of its boss fight is an instrumental version of Uninstall.