The Hypno Monkey can shoot hypnotizing spells that convert a bloon (it'll go the other way). It shoots as fast as a Ninja Monkey. When a converted bloon hits a normal bloon, both bloons are damaged by 1 HP (1 normal hit)

Price: 1000$ on Medium

Path 1

Faster Hypnotizing

Hypnotizes bloons faster.

Price: 400$ on Medium

Stronger Spell

Each shot can convert 3 bloons

Price: 1000$ on Medium

Stunning Collision

Converted bloons becomes so aggressive that they hit the other bloons so hard they're stunned.

Price: 1200$ on Medium

MOAB Conversion

Special: Shoot a special spell that convert the nearest MOAB or BFB

Price: 3600$ on Medium

Path 2


The psychologist can provide converted bloons with special knowledge so they can pop twice as much.

Price: 1200$ on Medium


The sage can provide converted bloons with special knowledge so they can pop thrice as much!

Price: 1600$ on Medium


If a converted bloon reaches the beginning of the track, your life'll be increased by its remaining layers.

Price: 3800$ on Medium

World Ruler

Special: Convert all the bloons on-screen (except MOAB-Class Bloons)

Price: 10000$ on Medium


  • In my fanfic Eternal Wars, there's a 2/4 World Ruler named Sado, who's accompanied by 2 2/2 Hypno Monkeys, a male twin and a female twin, but they don't convert the bloons like stated here. I should not spoil anything further

Meta07 (talk) 14:51, July 6, 2013 (UTC)