Hybrid Skills are new abilities/attacks created by 2 or more abilities/attacks inflicted by different kinds of towers at the same time or to the same place. For example, a Black Void Shooter's Absolute Void and a Time Leaper's Distorting Portal can be used together to create the gate to the Dream World, that's a major Hybrid Skill. However, Hybrid Skills don't always have to be ability-scaled. They may be just as minor as electrifying a dart with a Tesla Gunner's ray for more damage or something like that. However, Hybrid Skills aren't always 100% positive. For example, gluing a Monkey Buccaneer's dart may reduce its damage. This mechanic is meant for more interaction between towers.


  • The gate to the Dream World is so far the only Hybrid Skill.
  • There was once another Hybrid Skill in a comment where Master of Fire and A.R.I.A. created a Meteor Shower together. However, that has never became a formal conception.

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