Hungry Croc

Hungry Croc against a grey background

"This Special Agent snaps his jaws shut if any bloons pass under his teeth, popping 8 layers. It can pop lead and frozen bloons, but M.O.A.B.-Class Bloons are too big to fit in its mouth. As it is a crocodile, it can be placed on Land and Water."

The Hungry Croc attacks as fast as an unupgraded dart monkey.


Hungry Croc costs 200 Monkey Money and requires 8000 Monkey Money to unlock the Hungry Croc Pro

(200 x 40 = 8000).

Hungry Croc Pro

"Pro Upgrade: Whack-a-MOAB! As well as using his mouth, Hungry Croc can also use his now upgraded tail, lined with oversized spikes. This allows him to join in with the destruction of MOAB-class bloons!"

After 40 placements, you will unlock the Pro Version. The Whack-a-MOAB tail attacks as fast as its mouth and deals 50 damage each "wack". It only targets MOAB-class bloons.


  • If you place Hungry Croc on water, The arms and legs will disappear under the water.
  • The attack radius' diameter is equal to the length of the crocodile himself.
  • Since this agent uses his mouth to attack, it is best to place him with the head closest to the track.
  • This agent is similar to the Tribal Turtle since both can be placed on land or water.
    Hungry Croc Pro W-a-M

    Hungry Croc Pro against a grey background.

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