The hospital is a tower that produces 1 life per round. It's upgrades allow it to make more lives and use more special abilities. It costs $1600 on Medium.

Description: The Hospital fixes up the monkeys at the end of the track, allowing them to continue protecting you. 'It produces one life per round.


Path 1

More Doctors


The hospital makes 2 lives per round.

Heart Donators


Has a 75% chance of getting 2 lifes per round and 25% chance of getting 4 lifes per round.

Stealing Hearts


Has an 85% chance of getting a 3 life bonus and a 15% chance of getting a 5 life bonus! However, the 5 life bonus makes you lose $100 for malpractice.

Replanting Hearts


Each bloon does half damage. For example, a yellow bloon escaping would do only 2 lives of damage, instead of 4. If the regular amount of lives lost is an odd number, it is rounded down, so a green bloon would do 1 life of damage and a red bloon wouldn't do any!

Path 2

Valuable Hearts


Increases the lives gained by 50%.

Double the Lives


The Hospital creates double the amount of lives it would normally create.

Overloaded Hearts


Instead of giving lives every round,it will give a life every 20 times you pop a bloon. This overrides all other upgrades save the path 2 final one.

Ultimate protection (Ability)


A rush of red energy appears for 5 seconds and moves all types of bloons (except bosses) away from the exit. The stronger a bloon is, the less it is effected (so BFBs are barely affected at all).

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