Hell, Heaven, the God and the Devil
Hell, Heaven, the God and the Devil
Difficulty Nearly Impossible
Terrain Surreal
Entrances 0
Exits 4
Water? Yes

This track is the special track of the Final Battle. Since all the bloons that appear here are spawned by the Final Battle bosses, it doesn't has any entrance, but has 4 exits. It has 4 big land platforms, each has 2 small water platforms near them.

Track Paths

  • Uh... The bloons will move to the nearest finish after being spawned.


  • This track is not directly accessible. It can only be accessed from the Final Battle.
  • Since the Final Battle is unlocked at Rank 100 and is the 2nd last thing (first thing is Star Shrine) the player can unlock, this track can be considered the true second-last track of the game.
  • The paths in heaven are painted black while the paths in hell are painted white to symbolize chaos, possibly also to symbolize the Chaos Bloon.
  • The "God" in the name is supposed to be the Genesis Bloon, while the "Devil" is the Apopalypse Bloon.